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I found a line in the xbox support docs that is, at least for me, inaccurate.

Note that most Valve games that got special PC updates don't get those updates on the Xbox 360 - I'm pretty sure that the "potato sack" and/or "Portal 2 ARG" updates weren't released for the Xbox 360.At least one member of Polygon staff is currently unable to sign into his Xbox Live account on his Xbox One or on the Xbox website.We’ll keep you updated as Microsoft provides further details on progress with its fixes. The Verge reports that Microsoft Account users are experiencing “widespread issues” across multiple services, including Outlook, Skype, One Drive and the Windows Store. But since it downloaded the system updates and confirmed the XBox Live account, I figure that connectivity is not the problem.If it matters, the dashboard version is 2.0.14719.0 How do I prompt the XBox to update my games?

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