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He had other prior convictions, including a 1965 armed robbery conviction in New Mexico. Fitzner urged the woman to leave him and accused Elledge of sexual advances towards Ms. In the Bible-study room, Elledge bound the two womens wrists and ankles. He was sentenced to prison in Santa Fe, New Mexico and, after his parole, he wound up in Seattle, Washington, where he killed motel manager Bertha Lush in 1974 by beating her to death with a ball-peen hammer in an argument over his bill. Elledge then took the 39-year-old woman to his mobile home in Everett, where she was sexually assaulted.

Background of the James Elledge Case On April 18, 1998, James Homer Elledge invited Eloise Fitzner and her friend, referred to in court proceedings as "S. After a tour of the church, Elledge guided the women to a Bible-study room and closed the door. While in prison for that crime, he got paroled three times, the last of which happened in August 1995. heard struggling behind her, she tried to see what was happening. He released her the next morning, and she reported the abduction and attack to Seattle police.

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We have many plans and enthusiasm to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really need your help for this. Summary: In a full confession, Elledge stated that he made arrangements for dinner with Eloise Fitzner and another woman. Uncertain whether she was dead, he also fatally stabbed her in the neck. Appeals and Mandatory Review: The state Supreme Court conducted its mandatory review of the Elledge case and on July 5, 2001, upheld the verdict and death sentence. The 55-year-old Everett man surrendered to police in Tacoma three days after stabbing and strangling Eloise Jane Fitzner, 47, in a church basement on April 18, 1998.

They agreed to meet at the church where he worked as a custodian. The Court found that Elledge "knowingly, voluntarily, and intelligently" waived his rights to appeal both his conviction and sentence and was mentally competent to do so. Elledge promised gifts and dinner to lure his victims to the basement of The Lighthouse church in Lynnwood, where he worked as a custodian.

He later joined the Hickory label in the mid-60s but had no further US chart success.

His first single, a cover of the Willie Nelson penned Funny How Time Slips Away, went to number 22 on the pop charts (although it didn't make the country top forty) in early 1962 and earned him a gold record.

While Elledge would never again see that kind of success, he did find regional success with a number of other labels from the mid-60's on such as Hickory, Spur and Little Darlin' Records.

Jimmy Elledge, who was a country singer but had more success on the pop charts, passed away last Sunday (June 10) at the age of 69.

Details of his passing are sketchy but, according to Willie Nelson's website, he passed from complications of a stroke.

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