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Richie se acerc al piso alquilado que tena su hermana para hablar con ella, pero all se encontr a su compaera de piso que en ese momento estaba sola.

Aquella tal Dillion le invit a pasar y l termin confesando que le haban echado de casa y necesitaba un lugar para dormir.

Sabemos que desde este encuentro con Manuel Ferrara a principios del verano, ya ha repetido hasta el da de hoy con el francs y con un enculador nato como Mike Adriano.

You're still probably doomed, given your bad religion-picking skills, but a one-in-a-million chance of reducing the risk of eternal Hell is a move worth taking, mathmatically speaking.

Another noted "flaw" in Pascal's wager is that you can't rule out the possibility that only skeptics are spared from Hell.

Perhaps, it is argued, God loves the spunky fact-loving personality of skeptics and saves them alone, or saves them in the greatest percentage.

That argument passes the math test, but does it pass the sniff test?

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