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This is Google’s real plan for battling Android fragmentation: Update as much of the operating system and its apps as possible without going through device manufacturers or carriers.Older devices aren’t as outdated as they used to be. For example, when Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich came out, it brought an entirely redesigned interface, performance improvements, and even APIs limited to Android 4.0.Background refresh is part of what allows any app for i Phone or i Pad to appear to be multitasking all the time.The truth is, they're really multitasking "just in time" by updating in the background whenever they have the opportunity — or right before they figure you'll be launching them.Android 4.4 is the biggest update, bringing significantly reduced memory usage — but, if you have a device that came with a recent version of Android, it probably already runs well and these memory reductions are only nice to have.

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Most Android devices don’t get timely operating system updates, but Google is updating more and more of the Android operating system in the background.Lenses and camera bodies must often be updated together.If you attach an updated lens to a camera body that has not yet been updated, the camera will detect this after you turn it on by indicating that a firmware update for the camera body is needed. Watch out for news regarding Fuji’s XF lens lineup!See the Pen em Bz Rd by Timothy Miller (@tjacobdesign) on Code Pen.Support varies among the different specific properties, and each corresponding article in the Almanac has unique browser support notes.

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