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Staff may organize a lunch for doctors to present the physicians with tokens of recognition.

Historically, a card or red carnation may be sent to physicians and their spouses, along with a flower being placed on the graves of deceased physicians.

Mesenchymal stem cells display tumor specific tropism in an RCAS/Ntv-a glioma model. Glioblastoma cancer-initiating cells inhibit T-cell proliferation and effector responses by the signal transducers and activators of transcription 3 pathway. Glycomic and transcriptomic response of GSC11 glioblastoma stem cells to STAT3 phosphorylation inhibition and serum-induced differentiation. Isolation and perivascular localization of mesenchymal stem cells from mouse brain. Platelet-derived growth factor BB mediates the tropism of human mesenchymal stem cells for malignant gliomas. Tatsui CE, Lang FF, Gumin J, Suki D, Shinojima N, Rhines LD. Kim SS, Mc Cutcheon IE, Suki D, Weinberg JS, Sawaya R, Lang FF, Ferson D, Heimberger AB, De Monte F, Prabhu SS. Yong R, Shinojima N, Fueyo J, Gumin J, Vecil GG, Marini FC, Bogler O, Andreeff M, Lang FF. Amano T, Nakamizo A, Mishra SK, Gumin J, Shinojima N, Sawaya R, Lang FF. Williams BJ, Suki D, Fox BD, Maldaun MVC, Sawaya RE, Lang FF, Rao G. Alonso MM, Jiang H, Yokoyama T, Xu J, Bekele NB, Lang FF, Kondo S, Gomez-Manzano C, Fueyo J. Nakamizo A, Amano T, Zhang W, Zhang XQ, Ramdas L, Liu TJ, Bekele BN, Shono T, Sasaki T, Benedict WF, Sawaya R, Lang FF. Ed(s) Mehta MP, Chang SM, Guha A, Newton HB, Vogelbaum MA (eds).

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