Sophos updating greyed out rules of engagement for dating a hockey player

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Sophos software was designed to be unobtrusivemaybe even invisible.

So initially it's configured to run on "auto pilot". You can "switch on" your ability to override the default setup.

I clicked on the Lock icon on the bottom portion, entered my password (administrator account) and still I find it greyed out. What should I do that will allow me to change these settings?

Click on the alert and the link will take you to the Sophos website, where you can read advice on how to remove the threat. A program that was running on a computer and exhibited malicious or suspicious behavior could not be cleaned up.

Click on the alert to learn more about the threat and how to deal with it. Malicious network traffic, possibly headed to a command-and-control server involved in a botnet or other malware attack, has been detected.

They After opening the ports, the clients will begin to show up in the Control Center after 5-10 minutes.

For some reason the Sophos Control Center installer doesn’t open the ports for you.

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