Siberian ice maiden carbon dating

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The Late Precambrian ice age and glacial record of the Bibliando dome. PBS Airdate: November 24, 1998 Go to the companion Web site NARRATOR: Tonight on NOVA, sacrificial horses guard her tomb. Mounted tribes once ruled these high plateaus, where towering stone monuments reach toward the heavens.

Originating in the Iron Age (600-300 BC), researchers speculate that the nomadic Pazyryk tribe used the tattoos for personal identification, and possibly so that others could identify a tribesman in another life. And by Iomega, makers of personal storage solutions for your computer so you can create more, share more, save more, and do more of whatever it is you do. This program is funded in part by Northwestern Mutual Life which has been protecting families and businesses for generations. NARRATOR: The thunder of hooves on the Siberian steppes echoes a legendary past. SPONSOR: Major funding for NOVA is provided by the Park Foundation, dedicated to education and quality television. And by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and viewers like you.But new finds cast light on a culture cloaked in mystery: Sacrificed animals, valued possessions, and a startling emissary from this age of warriors—a 2400 year old woman frozen in time. Removed from the grave, her body has traveled half way around the world to be displayed and admired.Now, she is returning to Siberia, back to the scientist who discovered her, and who hopes to learn more of the Ice Maiden's secrets.

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