Shutdown is busy updating waiting for lock baltic single dating ladies

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Just dropping the file can lead to repository corruption.

Just dropping the file can lead to repository corruption.1) There is absolutly no reason you should touch the phaseroots file, it is absolutly unrelated to locking.

but I would like to know why the shutdown -r command doesn't work, I would think something like a disk umount is hanging (have you tried hooking up directly to the box?

My money is on a filesystem not relinquishing its lock or a process refusing to terminate.

2) Didn't know about hg debuglock at the time (cannot find any documentation on it either), and since the system had just come up from a reboot, there was obviously nothing locking the repository - hence deleting the lock file was appropriate.

It should be the same as sudo reboot, but maybe that alias got buggered somehow...? I'm not sure if it spits out all that debug info in ssh shell sessions...) This.Check the Applications list; this should be empty, if not whatever is showing is the guilty party and you can try removing re-installing or updating the offending program. Click the Performance tab; the CPU usage graph should be flat at around 2 - 5 percent.If it is any higher check the Processes tab and see what's still running from the numbers in the CPU column.Thanks all of you for your assistance, but i will install ubuntu server all over again.i hope that i will not have the same problem :( That's hardly a solution, especially if you have a hardware issue...

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