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Mike sent me off to pick my own engagement ring because, as he puts it in the video, if you are a straight male, chances are you don’t have a sense of style (when it comes to picking engagement rings) and simply because there are too many rings to choose from!

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to enjoy HD 720p online chats, look no further than the Creative Live! Simply plug it in and play - no software installation required! Central 3 Lite software to record HD 720p videos and snap 5.7-megapixel photos, then share ... Cam Chat HD VF0700 1. is a software program developed by Creative Technology Ltd.

Kissenger can fill this gap and allows touch to be transferred during Web cam chats." The concept is a little weird, but I do think those red, white, and black devices are pretty adorable.

How much it would ease the pain of being physically separated, I'm not sure, but it could be a cute and funny gift for a long-distance couple.

I could also see kids loving this when their mom or dad had to be away for a night or more, so they could get a good-night kiss.

The price will be .99 plus the cost of shipping, but if you donate (or ) now to the Indiegogo campaign, you'll get one (or two) free.

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Usually, I ignore any emails from the opposite sex, but for some reason, I decided to reply to Mike’s.

We added each other on MSN and in the beginning, we chatted every now and then, but as time went by, we started talking via MSN more frequently, and that eventually progressed into web-cam chats.

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