Embarrasing dating stories

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My poop was the consistency of soft-serve ice cream, swirling around the toilet bowl with corn pieces in it.It wouldn't flush, so after panicking, I paid his suite mate 20 bucks to take the blame for it.In my state of euphoria I just blurted out, ‘how about we hang out Friday night, watch a movie or something? I looked great, but walking in heels wasn’t my specialty.My date met me at my apartment and as soon as we stepped onto the gravel, I fell face first. I know that when it happens to you, it can feel like the end of the world. We’ve all had our fair share of embarrassing moments on first dates.By the time he picked me up, I knew everything about him, from where he had gone to high school to the names of three of his ex-girlfriends.Things were going pretty well, until we started talking about vacations for some reason.

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We started cuddling when I began to feel sick from the food.

I went to clean it, but there was a single square of toilet paper left.

I scooped it with the empty roll, smearing the poop into his floor, hid the roll in the trash, and left.

"In high school, this girl was supposed to come over to watch some movies while my parents were gone.

The night before, I set a couple of movies to record on Cinemax.

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