Dating dunhill tins

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Make sure it's a screw-top lid-seal jar just like granny made pickles and preserves in. Come back in another 2 weeks and give it a good shake. The perique and burleys help to balance out the harsher, more smokey latakia, making for a pleasant smoke.

Get yourself a big Bell mason jar, one of the quart-sized ones. Come back 2 weeks later, shake it up again, and put it back. Go ahead, fire it up and see why everyone else loves this blend so much. As a new pipe smoker (at the time), I tried several English blends but found them a bit too harsh and smoky tasting. I had seen it in the tins in the stores but never knew anything about it and supposed it was smokey/woodsy-tasting like most of the other English blends. I fell in love with it immediately and continue to smoke today, some 20 years later.

As noted by the esteemed Noorrmm, this is the medium range brand of triad (Parson's Pleasure on the mild end, Punchbowl on the strong end).

Barney's Ideal is a typical mixture of Virginia and Latakia but, like its milder sibling, with rather poor quality leaf. It smokes cooler than the Parson, but the smell and dryness of the leaf can be disturbing.

) Some folks do not like this tobacco, but I think many of them do not know how to smoke it properly- it has to be smoked slowly, in order to burn cool, and in a pipe that is suitable. This has to be smoked in a pipe that retains some moisture.

If smoked too fast/hot, it will leave a bite, along with a wretched odor.

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After every time I open the jar, I exhale a warm, moist breath into the jar before re-closing. I am now smoking a 20 year old (at least) bowl of Barney's Ideal in a perfectly grained Peterson's Handmade Canadian (I prefer straight pipes over bents, with plenty of thick quality wood).

Indeed, after smoking many other English blends I blieve this is a harsh and unrefined version.

However it is cheap and better than many other "news stand" blends.

Yes, this isn't the same animal from 30 years ago. And yes, some of you had the same experience I have had: You opened up a tin of the new creature, found a lot of bright Virginias, some sassy periques and some rather vinegary-tasting latakias. Don't settle for fancy lever-seals or ceramic jars, they will disappoint you. The only downside to this tobacco I found is the aftertaste it leaves in the mouth.

Some of you even tossed it out as being too brash, too tart, not the knockout article you'd been led to expect. My wife and family love the room note of this tobacco.

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