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There is a familiar adage in fencing circles that it would take you two lifetimes to master the sport.

Luckily, you don’t need to be a master to get enjoyment - and health benefits - from it.

At the Birmingham Rep, Rachel Kavanaugh directs Tara Fitzgerald in a solidly conventional period account that, albeit snappily worded by Bryony Lavery, runs to three hours.

In London, by shocking, invigorating contrast, Thomas Ostermeier's radical version for Berlin's Schaubuhne theatre rips up the rule book in its bid to prove the play's 21st-century credentials, relocating the action to the post-feminist here-and-now and hurtling by in a bruising, often brutally funny 130 minutes.

So if you have been inspired by the recent TV drama The Musketeers, visit the British Fencing website to find your nearest place to cross swords.Like many martial arts, in fencing you learn respect and follow an ancient code of honour.You must show courtesy to your opponent at all times while simultaneously trying to stab them.Shrieking, swearing, sexual assault and deafening dance music are just some of the extras the director, together with translator Hinrich Schmidt-Henkel, piles on to Ibsen's vision of angst-making matrimonial conformity.Having shot to notoriety in Germany through premiering visceral examples of Britain's "in-yer-face" theatre, Ostermeier now shows us a thing or two about on-stage violence.

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